Saturday, September 20, 2014

5 QR Code Activities that Work in Every Classroom

Background Information
QR codes are easy to generate and read with free apps and on-line sites.  You can create them for any purpose and they can be scattered around the classroom or school for a scavenger hunt.

Lesson Support

iPads and/or iPods can be used as QR code readers and the apps can be downloaded for free from iTunes or Android and will need to be installed on all the devices. The Gallery contains five QR Codes you can use for a Primary (Kindergarten/Grade 1) Photo Hunt.  You can create your own activities using this QR Scavenger Hunt Generator where you can enter questions for a quiz or hunt.  This link will take you to a site that allows data to be input to create a variety of QR codes.

Guiding Questions

What images did you choose and why?
How do your photos meet the criteria?
Is it possible to find other images that can also meet the criteria?

Curriculum Connections

This activity will facilitate connecting Fine Arts to other curriculum areas, provide alternate assessment ideas, promote critical thinking and inquiry based learning.

My new book:  5 QR Code Activities that Work in Every Classroom