Thursday, May 2, 2013

Math and Technology Event Rocks the School

A few nights ago, Creekside Elementary School held their first annual Math and Technology Event.  It was intended to introduce most of the students (and teachers) to activities they hadn't had a chance to experience before.  Centres were set up around the school.  There was a math playground station in the gym, a chess station, art activities, QR code hunts, problem solving, estimation stations and more. 

It was a tremendous amount of work but so worth it.  Students embraced the opportunity to participate in hands-on exploration and open-ended math and technology activities.  Grade One and Two students who had only used an iPad to play checkers on, were searching for QR codes and taking photos of patterns they could find around them.

We opened the school up to our students and their families for the evening, hoping they would return with their parents and share their experience.  Our school has not had as much success as we would hope in engaging the extended learning community.  We have approximately 360 students, and the turnout in the evening of between 250 and 300 people exceeded our expectations.  Students wanted to come back and do even more math and "late night learning".  And the next morning, the number of parents at our Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) was much greater than ever before.  The most meaningful part for me?  When a Grade One boy who had already left with his family came back into the school to tell me he had fun and thank you.  Yup, definitely.

I have included the QR codes for our Primary Math Photo Hunt along with a list of the tasks.    Your iPad or other device will need a QR Reader app installed (they are free).  I hope you have as much fun with them as we did.

List of QR Code Meanings