Wednesday, May 8, 2013

3 iPad activities for Students

I love working with students and creating lessons that challenge their thinking.  These three iPad activities for students are classroom tested and will engage your students.  They have been updated with QR Codes for a Primary Math Photo Hunt and Resources for the Effective Use of the iPad.  These activities could be tweaked and used with students of all ages.  Explain Everything can be used with any subject area or grade level - think Kindergarten students explaining their patterns with a picture, audio or diagrams.  Use the wide variety of iPad apps to challenge students to answer a challenge question or use QR code generators to create a photo hunt suitable to all grade levels.  I can attest that my students loved all these experiences.

I have added some information about, and links to, apps that can support mathematical and scientific measurement.  They could be used as tools for these activities or as extension activities.